Children’s literature still lacks inclusivity and the presence of diverse characters exploring outdoor recreation, despite its lifelong benefits.

Parents and educators agree that diversity in children’s media is important. They wish to see more representation, including characters that better reflect today's modern families.

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Good Natured Roots' magic lies in our creating this niche space as one of the very few publications and media presences, bridging a gap for BIPOC children to the natural world in a visually beautiful, playful, accessible, and empowering way.

the publication

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We blend inclusive & culturally rich stories into your next outdoor adventure. We share skill-building activities, stories, and fun educational opportunities for children to strengthen their relationship with the natural world.

Why publication

Children's magazines hold a unique position between books and toys, a combination of education, entertainment, and play.


Print magazines will always hold their place for both scientific and practical reasons. Studies prove that paper stimulates both a stronger emotional response and significantly improved memory and comprehension.


We're committed to sourcing suppliers who focus on sustainability and are in alignment with our mission.

We use recyclable paper from 100% recycled sugarcane


We don't use hazardous inks reducing the chemicals impacting the environment


In Our Community

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Elementary + Middle School Age​


The Yard by Good Natured Roots fosters a sense of wonder! Learning outside develops an understanding of the world through play, exploration, and creative activities. By way of skill-building activities, diverse stories, and age-appropriate interdisciplinary conservation and environmental programming, The Yard emphasizes providing a space within urban neighborhoods that strengthens the relationship between a child and their community and the natural world.

The Yard is an extension of Good Natured Roots children's magazine within local communities in an effort to raise awareness surrounding the movement for park and green space equity.

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While the traditional approach to addressing these inequalities has focused on creating new parks or improving existing ones, the emerging park equity movement emphasizes the need to reverse the policies, systems, and norms that have led to pervasive green space inequities in African American, Latino, and low-income urban communities across the U.S.

Failing to invest in green spaces and other health-promoting infrastructures in neighborhoods of marginalized groups is a disservice not only to those directly impacted by the limited resources but neighborhoods and cities as a whole. Reversing green space inequities requires working alongside residents, community organizations, park agencies, and other stakeholders.


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Funds donated will be used towards startup costs and compensating those within our community who share their talent and skill of illustration or written storytelling within the pages of this publication.

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